WELCOME to Shady Lane Canines!!  WE HAVE PUPPIES!!!  Check them out on our "Shady Lane Available page"!!!  Our dogs are members of our family and are treated just as special as our three children!  Finding them the PERFECT forever homes are most important and absolutely NO amount of money will buy the wrong home.  We will not sell to a cage environment, puppy mills or puppy brokers so DO NOT ASK!

Here at Shady Lane Chihuahuas our goal is to raise the healthiest, most well adjusted puppies you will ever find!  All of our dogs are our pets first!  They share our home as our children do.  Most sleep in our beds with us and all share our sofa!  We raise them under foot right in our home as part of our family!
We have just a few wonderful dogs that we breed on a very limited basis to ensure that their health and well being are always at an optimal state.  My dogs have been chosen by myself for personality and character to ensure that they produce the most well rounded little puppies available.  Please take the time to read through my "What you should know" page as there is so much you should know about these sweet little dogs.

This page was last updated: December 7, 2014
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I am now proud to say that I am 100% fully licensed and inspected by the state of Pennsylvania.